20 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Life

Let everything comes to you. Give life chances to throw surprises at you.

Thought Catalog

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1. Don’t ever try to explain to someone why you are worth their time. If you feel you have to, that’s a pretty sure sign it isn’t worth your time.

2. Don’t confuse deserving something with wanting something. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting something, for feeling that you need it, for chasing after it and striving for it. The danger comes in feeling that you deserve it or that it is owed you. You deserve nothing but what you have earned and nobody and nothing owes you anything.

3. Don’t allow your past to define how you see yourself. Those people who never change are those people who never learn and who never believe in themselves enough to be better, to be more. Don’t be one of those people.

4. Don’t walk through life with a closed heart and mind. Be open to new ideas, experiences, places and…

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