Monthly Archives: March 2015

Steeped in my thoughts, seeing everyone running so fast in their lives to keep pace with the time, a thought strikes me ‘ what am i doing? ‘ 

From very early age only, i had a fervour desire of being independent and start earning on my own. I have almost done my graduation and have got placed (almost) but still i haven’t earned a single penny yet. Which really dismayed me. I think i have lost that passion. The busy schedule and the hussle bussle of life has faded all those sparkiling passions which i used to hold as a child. 

Four years of graduation and these fours have given and taken and taught me soo much. These years can’t be portrayed in words. I have done my graduation in electronics and communication and when i commenced this course, i was full of passion of achieving laurels but that charm,that creativity faded with time.  But i wouldn’t let this technical world to take away my creativity, my envisage. 

There will be a new beginning and that lost charm and creativity will be regained. As creativity cant be found in designing and art stuff only. Its in our imagination and we can be creative in any field we want. Its just thr matter of thinking and how much passion and will you are ready to put in in your work.